Light Blue is popular color for weddings this year?

Last week's wedding in Canyon County was filled with light blue color stuff.



The Belvedere, The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Today, I went to interview the executive chef James Overbaugh at the Belvedere restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills. Unlike other top-class hotels and restaurants, I felt great hospitality here.

I had several opportunities to talk to the chefs of LA's top restaurants through magazine interviews. I am not that good of a cook myself, but there's always something to learn from the experts. Since cooking is such an everyday-thing, I tend to forget that the world of culinary arts is very deep and consists of many elements.

Taste has 4 elements: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Also, there are several textures that your tongue enjoy: Creamy, crunchy, fresh, or soft. These are very abstract, but chefs work on these very carefully as if they are painters.


Chet Zar will be on UK magazine!

I interviewed Chet Zar and took some pictures of him for August magazine a while ago...the left is one of them, with his one-eye dog, Bella. This portrait is really popular among people and he might use it for another article in a UK magazine.
He draws monsters' portraits, sometimes scary, but often looks humorous, lonely or lovely. You can see his works at
He also works as a sculptor for feature films. He worked closely with director Guillermo del Toro for the movie "Hellboy."